The people

There are over one hundred ethnic groups in Myanmar and are mainly 8 different groups. The main people of Myanmar are called Myanmar, also pronounced as Mranma, Burmese or Bamar. There are seven states in Myanmar and therefore there are Seven Main races of Myanmar.

Myanmar or Bamar  is the main people of Myanmar and is the largest ethnic group. These are the dominant group of people in Yangon and through the country. The majority are Buddhists.

Kachins  live in Kachin State with Kachin Hills in northern Myanmar. They are popular with their fierce fighting spirit. The famous Manaeo festival  is held in January. They are mainly Christians.

Kayah  people were once known as Red Kayin (Karen-ni) and are from Kayah State of eastern Myanmar. They are religious and ethnically diverse. Their festival is annually held village by village in April and it is called Ku Htoe Boe or Flag Mast Festival.

Kayin (Karen)  are the third largest group. The Kayin hill tribe villages are mainly in the mountains and also along the Myanmar-Thai border in the Kayin State. The majority of Kayin are Buddhist. They are popular with their boxing skills. Their main festivals are the Kayin New Year Festival and Kayin Bonfire Festival.

Chin  is one of the ethnic groups in Myanmar. The Chins are found mainly in western part of Myanmar in the Chin State. They also live in nearby Indian states of Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur and Assam. About 80-90 percent of the Chin have converted to Buddhism and Christianity. Their most famous festivals are the Khwar Do New Year Festival and Kauk Thit Sar Pwe Harvest Festival.

Mon  people come from the south of Myanmar. They  are an ethnic group from Bamar(Myanmar), living mostly in Mon State, Bago Division, the Irrawaddy Delta, and along the southern Thai–Burmese border. The majority are Buddhist. Their festivals are the Kyeik Htee Yoe Pagoda festival, Kyaik Kha Mi The’ Pon Sede festival and Phar Auk Edible Oil Offering ceremony.

Rakhines  reside in Rakhine coast along the western coast of Myanmar, they are closely related to Burmese proper, though their form of Burmese language varies from the language of the Ayeyawady Valley. They are popular with their traditional wrestling sports. Their festivals are Rice Pounding Festival, Carriage Festival and the Boat Festival.

Shans  reside in the river valleys and lowland pockets of the Shan plateau in Eastern Myanmar. The Shan State of Myanmar occupy principally the plateau east of the Ayeyawady and Sittaung valleys, south of the Bhamo district and north of Kayah State. They are mostly Buddhists.