Myanmar Cultural

Etiquette and Cultural

Myanmar people are religious and rooted with custom. There are a number of things that visitors need to observe and follow. Respecting Myanmar culture, custom and etiquette rules will gain respect and friendship from Myanmar people. A high percentage of the locals wear long skirts, like the Longyi (for women) and Pasoe (for men).  In pagodas, shoes and socks are not allowed. For appropriate clothing in temples and pagodas, especially women should wear over the knees and should not be revealing clothes. Women are not allowed to touch the Buddha image, there is cordoned off area in front of shrine which only men are allowed. Women should not touch or sit down next to a monk. The head is considered holy, while the feet are considered impure. So keep your hands off people’s heads and never use your feet to point to a thing or a place.  You never clean your feet from the drinking pot and in the basin you used to clean your hands and face. You are not allowed to touch any part of a lady’s body. When you greet Myanmar people shake hands, touching the inner side of the elbow with the other hand but no hugging or kissing in public especially when you are traveling with a loved one. The locals may be offended by your gestures. However, if you follow these simple rules, your stay in Myanmar will be happier without offending the locals.


In the religious sector, more than 80% of the population is Buddhist, while Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Animism are also practised.