Historical Background

Burma(Myanmar) was first formed during the goldenage of Bagan in the 11th century. In 1044, the first great unifier of Myanmar, King Anawratha ascended the throne and established sovereignty over the Ayeyarwady delta and over Thaton, capital of the Mon kingdom. Anawratha adopted Buddhism and built the temples and pagodas in his capital, Bagan which renowned as “The city of a thousand temples”. Bagan became the first capital of a Burmese kingdom that included virtually all of modern Burma. The Empire with its capital until it was overpowered by Kublai Khan in the end of 13th century. The second Myanmar Empire was founded by King Bayinnaun in 16th century and  the last Myanmar Empires was rallied by King Alaungapaya in 1758 and established his capital at Yangon, follow by his successor, KonbaungMin.

After three moves: (1) 1826 when Myanmar was forced to cede to British India the Rakhine and Tanintharyi coasts,(2) 1852 when British occupied the Ayeyarwady delta and (3) 1885 when British gain complete control of Myanmar. During the Second World War, Myanmar was invaded by Japanese and allied forces drove the Janpan out of Myanmar in 1945. Full independence for Myanmar effect on Jan. 4, 1948 and Myanmar became an independent state.