General information

The insight into our cities will give you all to see Inle, the floating city of the Shan States, Maymyo the cool mountain top with age old coffee plantation as well as modern farming. The capital Yangon, with historical significance because of the stupa Shwedagon Pagoda, the tourists’ delight Scott Market and the colonial buildings scattered throughout its landscape. Bagan, is the city of pagodas where there are thousands of ancient pagodas. There is also Mandalay the old capital and Nay Pyi Daw the newly built government capital city. One can cruise down the Delta Areas, which is the rice bowl of our country with abundance of fresh water fishes, paddy fields and each area with its own specific products, eg. Cane products, mats, rice, dried prawns (expensive delicacy of Myan mar). Myanmar used to produce hardy and durable wood like Teak, Redwood and Pyin-gadoe, hence by products are wood carving products after its use for construction works.


Nowadays, there are the banks that opened international ATMs throughout Myanmar. The banks also accept Visa and Mastercard with a fee. That will make a lot safer for the entire trip carrying thousands of dollars into the country to change. Despite having ATMs, carrying kyats are the most convenient as food, taxis, buses and just about everything else in Myanmar are priced in kyat. Goods and services are priced either in kyat or in American dollars.

Etiquette and Cultural

Myanmar people are religious and rooted with custom. There are a number of things that visitors need to observe and follow. Respecting Myanmar culture, custom and etiquette rules will gain respect and friendship from Myanmar people. A high percentage of the locals wear long skirts, like the Longyi (for women) and Pasoe (for men).  In pagodas, shoes and socks are not allowed. For appropriate clothing in temples and pagodas, especially women should wear over the knees and should not be revealing clothes. Women are not allowed to touch the Buddha image, there is cordoned off area in front of shrine which only men are allowed. Women should not touch or sit down next to a monk. The head is considered holy, while the feet are considered impure. So keep your hands off people’s heads and never use your feet to point to a thing or a place.  You never clean your feet from the drinking pot and in the basin you used to clean your hands and face. You are not allowed to touch any part of a lady’s body. When you greet Myanmar people shake hands, touching the inner side of the elbow with the other hand but no hugging or kissing in public especially when you are traveling with a loved one. The locals may be offended by your gestures. However, if you follow these simple rules, your stay in Myanmar will be happier without offending the locals.


Traveling risk can be greatly reduced just by taking normal precautions. Visits to Myanmar are very safe if a visitor exercises ordinary good judgment. Unless you are wearing your money or showing off your expensive goods, you are welcoming the robbery. Myanmar crime rates are low and it is relatively safe in places open to foreigners as tourists are warmly welcomed by Myanmar’s friendly people. Rudeness toward a visitor is rarely encountered in Myanmar.